Founded in 1934, Rainha claims to be the original Brazilian sporting footwear brand. Rainha specilaise in footwear for the futsal, basketball and volleyball markets. Since 1979 the brand has been in the hands of Alpargatas. Yes the same Alapargatas who bought Havainas to the world and are also responsible for the more football focused Topper and the All-Star look-a-like Bambas. The Rainha product range has now expanded to include sportswear and balls but all are still made in the company’s two factories in Brazil (Natal and Santa Rita).. The brand logo has traditionally been a torch. Shoe logos have altered slightly over the years, from the use of the 2 stripes seen in this advert from the early 1980’s for the Rainha Volley to the current day dare we say prawn shaped loop. Reacting to the trend for classic footwear remakes, Rainha have recently moved both into the running market (see ad below) and launched a number of retro inspired lines including the highly impressive white and blue canvas numbers.
Some of the more recent Rainha advertising can be found here…


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