Beautiful People

The internet can be an extremely powerful tool for research companies; the amount of statistics that goes around is amazing. In Brasil one of the most used social networking tools is Orkut (owned by google), it is actually a national phenomenon more than 62.9% of the traffic is generated in the site is made by Brazilian users. Orkut has recently added a new feature to the website which allow people to make polls, until here this is not a great deal, webpolls have been around for a long time, and most of the time, because they are made by the users, do not give great results, But google is using this feature to run their own Trend following questions.
One of the most recent polls Made by the Orkut trends Community was: “how orkut users rate their beauty per-country”. And it gave some really interesting point of view on beauty self-awareness:

“If we assign a numerical weight to each rating (1 for beauty contest winner, 2 for very attractive, etc.), we can get a single “beauty index” for each country’s women or men, with lower scores meaning greater (self-rated) beauty, and female Mexicans and male Equatorial Guineans taking the lead. Here are how orkut’s leading countries stack up:”

Even though this poll was not necessarily important from a MR point of view, it gives us the notion of how useful can this features be to track and find new trends and how they would apply best to direct a Research project.

More information:
Complete list of countries in the poll results
Orkut Trends community
Post about Orkut trends in the official orkut blog


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