Understanding Brazilian Youth 2

As would probably be expected the headlines that grabbed the news media’s attention from the recent UNICEF report on “Brazilian Adolescents and Youth” were largely those that reflected those of a nation of young people worried about crime and corruption. Apologies if we too reflected some of this sentiment in our original post. Having had time to download and digest some of this impressive and wide ranging piece of quantitative research conducted with over 3,000 Brazilian teenagers (15-19 years), we felt it important to highlight some of the findings that failed to grab the news media’s attention.
To begin with, whilst most coverage focused on the factors that shamed Brazilian youth about their nation, the research also asked them what made them proud to be Brazilian. Sadly the most dominant response was don’t know (29%). Of those that did respond the natural beauty, forests and beaches (17%) beat football (14%) education and the Brazilian people (10%).
As previously reported, young peoples attitudes to education and social problems figure heavily in the report. However, amongst the other themes covered in the study the biggest health fears of young Brazilians include drugs (28%), Aids (26%), STD’s (9%) and alcoholism (7%). 40% of those questioned were in work and a further 25% seeking work. Of those working 62% had jobs in the informal economy and a majority of work is still largely dependent on personal contacts via the family (39%) or a known contact (32%). The importance of teen labour is obvious when once considers that more than half of all respondents give all or part of their earnings to their family. There are whole sections of the report dedicated to media and leisure activities amongst Brazilian youth which we will be posting on shortly…


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