Optimism amongst Brazilian consumers

While much of the world may be considering economic recession, consumers in Brazils economic capital, Sao Paulo don’t seem to be thinking of cutting back in their spending. Brazzil magazine reported the results of research undertaken with Paulistas in December of 2007. Consumers reportedly stated that they want to “buy more, travel more and take greater care of their appearance”. The poll, undertaken by H2R Pesquisa, was conducted with 450 indivudlas between the ages of 14 and 65 across socio-economic groups. Another area of projected growth is investment, especially in the stock market where 10% of those questioned stated an interest in investing this year, in comparison to 1% in 2007.  Differences between social and classes were born out in the study. Perhaps most markedly in the area of travel. Last year around 40% of the sample took vacations. Whilst this figure rose to 85% in the upper class, in the middle class the figure was just 25%. Elsewhere young people’s focus for the year ahead seems to be in getting a foot on the property ladder or buying a car.      


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