Football violence in Brazil

Much of the media coverage this week in the Brazilian football press has focused on horrific scenes at the end of the match last Sunday between Avai and Criciuma. When a flare thrown into the Criciuma fans exploded leading to a retired 62 year old fan losing his right hand. There have been many attempts to analyse the roots of the violence that’s still exists within elements of Brazilian football support. TWResearch have worked extensively in England exploring this issue with specific reference to the problems of hooliganism associated with elements of England’s fan base. One of the consequences of FA efforts aligned to broader societal shifts was the increasing presence of female football fans within stadia and more broadly amongst the games customer base. The potential for a broader and more societally representative fan base has been lacking in the weeks media debate here in Brazil. We have reported elsewhere on the continued development of the women’s game in South America and will continue to do so. However, when female officials are accused of throwing matches due to their menstrual cycle by Senior Club Officials and subsequently attacked in public (as happened last year after a game involving Botafogo and Figueirense) , one wonders how the game will attract increasing numbers of women and families into stadiums. On a related topic of violence in football, another issue close to our hearts is the relationship between parental (mis)behaviour on the touchlines and its implications to football at he grassroots level. This clip from the ITV website in the UK (sorry no imbed available) emphasises the global nature of this problem and we hope to have more to follow this up from the Americas soon…


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