The Art of Listening

Picture 25
Earlier in the week i was lucky enough to be invited to go meet the people at Full Jazz here in Sao Paulo. A huge thanks to Christina Carvalho Pinto and her team for their time, their thoughts and for LISTENING to my thoughts. I very nearly embaressed myself by not realising that they have a minute of silence and reflection every hour. Im against the ghettoisation of good things (like the limiting of cycling in Sao Paulo to late nights or Sunday mornings) and would hate to think that quiet reflection needs to be planned for within the day but sadly its probably what is needed and i enjoyed the few seconds of SILENCE. Much of what i was discussing with the team at the agency was linked to conversations and LISTENING, a subject very close to my heart. Thus i was interested to come across this idea for a National Day of Listening
Picture 24
Sadly i seem to have missed it as the day fell on November 27th but the idea is that you dedicate an hour of your time on this day to interview someone who you are close to. In an age of screaming for opinions we’d like to give a silent thumbs up to the power of LISTENING.

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