OPEN WARFARE? – Social Networks, moral panics and media battles

Two quick images from the past 24 hours which say a lot about the on-going battles between between traditional and new media companies and within social network giants of Facebook and Orkut.
The first comes from the front page of today’s Sun newspaper in the UK.
Picture 8
I don’t have exact figures on the differing user/purchaser numbers for The Sun and Facebook over the past 3 years but one can imagine they look like opposing slopes of major Alpine mountain. As scare stories about the demonised social network continue, quite what the longer term impact impact on consumer attitudes to both The Sun and Facebook would be interesting to explore. I would be interested to know just whether some of the same scare stories are emerging in the old media of other countries?
The second image comes from my own Facebook page yesterday
Picture 7
Is this all out warfare between Facebook and Orkut? Just what are the relative merits and weaknesses of both social netowrks – please let us know your thoughts…


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